Witch hand using a magic wand pointed at a mug of coffee. Magical swirls and stars are coming out of the wand.
Who Is Brewed Roots You May Ask? 
We are two people married by law, but committed through our love of the beautiful children we have created together, the beautiful home we reside in and the delicious coffee we drink as often as possible. 
As you may have guessed we really love a good brew and are always on the hunt for cool mugs and tools to make our coffee drinking experience more magical! This is what drove the birth of Brewed Roots. Now we strive to bring excellent customer service and rad coffee swag to buy so you too, can have a magical coffee (or tea) drinking experience. 
Thank you so much for checking out and helping to grow our family business! We hope you can feel our eternal gratitude for each and every one of you!